Santa Sightings: Where To Get Pictures With Santa In St. Charles, Missouri

Where can you find refuge in a city where mouse ears and the shrieking, vertically challenged roam wild? When people think of Central Florida a few things come to mind, family fun, theme parks and loads of sandal-clad tourists with sock tans. But there are plenty of places that are for the most part, for the more mature audience. I’m not talking about the local gentlemen’s club with the killer steak, but someplace hopefully you can go time and time again and still have a great time with your significant other.

Letters to Santa are only for children; resurrect this tradition for you and your spouse but add a romantic twist. Each year write each other a Dear Santa letter. Take this opportunity to summarize your hopes and dreams for the next year. Then exchange letters. This can be a great way to broach topics regarding your future together and your collective goals. By talking regularly about what direction you want your lives to take, you will grow closer together with every Christmas that passes.

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First, I didn’t begin anything without asking what my objective was for doing it. What did I want to accomplish? It didn’t matter if I was taking a shower, making dinner, chatting with a friend or client, or writing. Let me tell you, it sure wasn’t easy to train my mind to answer these. I had taken them for granted for so long, I just did them without thinking. So many times I wanted to toss the task aside as common sense, and how ridiculously small, so why did I need to know the objective? I soon realized that in order to go big you need to start small. The good part was knowing the small was just there long enough.

For the spectacular vistas, Mt Pantokrator on the north part of the island, is over a thousand meters high and is frequently snow capped in the winter. There is a road that winds all the way to the top with breathtaking views of the bay and the mainland. One of Corfu’s top tourist attractions is Achillion Palace. The gardens overlook the town of Corfu and the architecture and statuary is beautiful. For a fun day with the kids, visit the water park, Aqualand. This is a huge water park with all the normal slides and rides and is location close to the town of Corfu. For the golfer, there is a course on the island and it is listed as one of the nineteen best in Europe.

Winter can be a very romantic time for a wedding, especially if you embrace the season. A horse and carriage wedding is wonderful for a Winter Wonderland bride. Imagine yourself in your stunning wedding gown, with your crystal bridal jewelry twinkling in the winter sun, riding in a carriage beneath a pile of faux fur or velvet blankets. It would be very cozy, as well as very elegant.

Casino nights are always popular. Serve hor d’ oeuvres and favors while guests play games like blackjack and poker. True casino night equipment like roulette and crap tables can be rented through party planners and party supply stores. Many times they even offer dealers at the tables.

For more information about Dickens of a Saturday, click here. On Saturday, Dec. 4 and Dec. 11, the Star Line Trolley downtown will be running from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. with an extended route, and downtown parking will be free during the day.